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Cobra is a Trading Algorithm which integrates with TradingView to help you find
market opportunities for all tradeable markets!

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Who are we
The Problem

Traders tend to over complicate things, often using too many Indicators, Scanners and Patterns that ultimately make trading harder and more time consuming

Our Vision

 This algorithmic tool was designed to bring traders to the next level. Our vision is for traders to become more confident in their abilities with an intelligent algorithm backing every entry and exit, leading to a more confident and successful trader

The Solution

Cobra Algo is our specialized algorithm that connects to real time charting data in order to notify you when to enter and exit in any market and any time frame

How it works

Effortlessly Simple

Any market, any time

Cobra Algo operates in any market, at any time, meaning that Stocks, Cryptos, Futures, and Options markets all work effortlessly to provide precise Long and Short signal activity. All signals are confirmed at the end of a bar close, and once this is confirmed, you may enter a trade on your personal brokerage account based on the sentiment of the following candle. When a signal is placed, it stays there permanently and is never added after the fact in order to preserve transparency with the success rate of our system.

Smart & Easy.

To provide the most accurate Long and Short signals possible, our algorithm is connected to real-time charting data. Cobra Algo also offers other resources such as automated Support and Resistance levels, Top and Bottom finders, Alerts, Screeners, Volatility Bands, and a Trend dashboard indicating trend at a glance. You can also use our custom-coded sensitivity adjuster, allowing you to perfect the algorithm on any chart and timeframe.

Fast & Convenient

With the use of our alerts built into our system, you do not need to constantly monitor the charts and the market in order to have profitable win rate. Simply set alerts for Long and Short signals, and once the specified condition is met, the algorithm will automatically notify you through mobile push notifications of this condition. This means that you can set & forget it, leading to more time for other activities and less time wasted constantly monitoring the charts.

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How it works

"The smartest trading indicator
on the market"

What's Included?

What's Included?

Access to Cobra Algo Tool via TradingView

Access to Discord Group with other members

*also available for non paying members - (link in confirmation email after trial order)

24/7 Product Support

Free Lifetime Updates and Support

Cancel Recurring Subscription Anytime

*see our refund policy below


By using our product, you understand and agree that Cobra Algo only provides a software based tool.

It does not provide legal, financial, or tax investment advice for commodities. This tool is tailored for educated investors who understand the risks of investing. By signing up, it entitles you to the usage of our tool and the technical support on its features only.

Our Plans


4-day Trial

(one time payment)


Monthly Subscription


Reg: $64.99


Yearly Subscription


Reg: 624.99

  • Does Cobra Algo work on my Phone?
    Yes it does! Simply set up your charts on your desktop device, and all progress will be saved on your account. In order to access the charts on your phone, download the "TradingView" app on the Google Play or IOS Appstore, and make sure you log into the same account username that you provided at our checkout page
  • Which Market(s) does Cobra Algo work with? Stocks? Crypto? Futures? Forex?
    Cobra Algo works with ALL markets! This means that you can trade any Stocks, Crypto, Futures or Forex Pairs that you choose. All data provided by TradingView is provided for free in real time, so you do not have to worry about any delays in chart data.
  • Is Cobra Algo's settings adjustable?
    Yes they are! We offer the user 100% customizability as we understand that no traders are a like. These adjustable settings include changing the visual elements, as well as the function based settings such as adjusting signal settings, adding your own favorite securities to the screener, and support and resistance customizability. You can learn more on how to adjust these settings using the video link in your email confirmation after ordering.
  • What are the best Sensitivity values for Cobra Algo?
    By default, the sensitivity is set to 18. This is accompanied by the "Default" setting from the drop down. We recommend that you first pick from the Fast, Default, Medium and Slow preset settings. If a user selects “Fast” the algorithm will populate the most amount of signals, and when “Slow” is selected, the algorithm will populate the least amount of signals. You can use the sensitivity feature to fine tune any signals, should you need to do so, but Cobra Algo will automatically populate the best signals as possible for your chosen timeframe and market according to the sensitivity selected.
  • Can I use Cobra Algo somewhere else instead of TradingView?
    We created this algorithm in TradingView as it was the best platform for new users. TradingView is completely free in all aspects (including real time data) This makes it the go to choice for a majority of Traders. You can trade within TradingView itself with a limited amount of brokers, but most users chart on TradingView and execute on their own brokers such as TOS, Robinhood or Webull. Cobra Algo currently only works on TV. It is not built / meant for any other charting softwares such as MT4, NinjaTrader, Webull, Think Or Swim or more.
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